Storm Award winners announced


Last Friday saw this season's players, coaching team, volunteers and fans get together for the Annual Awards Presentation Evening.

A great evening was had by all. Special thanks to Richard Walker and Simon Wheeler for orchestrating events at Watford Football Club.

Massive thanks to everyone who came, hope you enjoyed the evening, especially the amazing food supplied by "Fry Days" in Vicarage Road.

The Awards Presentations took place and we are delighted to announce the winners as follows:

Coach Youngblood said:
"Bode's heart and desire is always in the right place and he has a will to win. He's so competitive which is why you can always go to war on the court with him!"




Coach Youngblood said:

"TrayVonn bought us from the floor and put us back into the fight. He has a quiet, laid back demeanour but when he hits the floor he just turns it up a gear and dominates the game. He bought the belief and leadership we needed at a crucial point of the season."

Coach Youngblood commented:
"Blayne had some huge games for us this season and won the "league player of the week" several times. He's a very smart and talented player. This season he has averaged a career high in points per game of 18 and nearly 6 rebounds."

Comments from fans expertly read out by Tayla, Miles, Ollie & Robin include:

Always gives 100%, game changer, encourages, worker, hustler, great asset, fully committed, 3 point shooter, determination, energy, never gives up, all rounder, DEFENSE!


Stephen, Heidi, William & Jenna Cutts

Kat explained this decision:
"What a family! They organise their holidays around Storm games! Stephen organises the table officials for both Storm teams. Heidi was the "hot" body in the "Stormzbee" suit this season. They all help out on the official tables for Storm II, including William. Both children follow their parents to all basketball events and the family always prioritise Storm ahead of everything else. Storm are very lucky to have them!"


Special thanks also went to the "team behind the team" Dane Frost and Brian Taylor for their invaluable work supporting the team and coaches.

Also thanks went to the Match Night Team who always work tirelessly to ensure we offer the "best" game night in the league and the Management Committee without who there would be no Club.


A huge thanks was given by everyone to our amazing fans for your continued support. We've said it before and we will say it again.


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