High scoring partnership for Certa Service and Hemel Storm


Hertfordshire business, Certa Service have announced they will continue their long-standing partnership with local basketball heroes and Division One club, Hemel Storm.

“We are so excited to continue our partnership with this fantastic club and can’t wait for the 2020/21 season to get under way”, said Dan Loria, Managing Director of Certa Service.

Certa Service are a Hemel Hempstead-based servicing provider for industrial kitchen equipment throughout the UK. Their headquarters are situated half a mile away from the StormDome, home of Hemel Storm. Dan himself is an ardent fan of the top-ranking team, and in his own words, “the partnership is thriving because both Certa Service and Hemel Storm share the same principals of passion and teamwork in order to enjoy success.”

Providing engineering service and maintenance to the foodservice industry might seem a long way from shooting hoops but both Certa and Hemel Storm must perform consistently, and as a team to keep their respective customers and fans happy.

Shared values aside, Certa’s commitment to the Storm also extends to founding and participating in the newly created Career Progression Initiative alongside the Storm. As a result, top player, Levi Noel will be joining the Certa business when not training and playing for the team. The initiative is an investment for the future as it encourages and supports players to find and maintain a career before their playing days come to an end. Levi enthuses: “I’m looking forward to developing my skills outside of basketball. As much as I love playing, I want to ensure I have something to go to in the future and Certa has given me the opportunity to learn something new.”

Dan is no stranger to working across the wider community as he is also founder of kit sponsor and local drone videography company, SquadDrone, which provides a drone photography and videography service to businesses throughout Herts, Beds and Bucks. The relationship between Certa Services and Hemel Storm is a fantastic example of local organisations forming symbiotic partnerships, which not only benefit each other but the wider community, something fans will get to appreciate once they can again watch the Storm in action after the COVID-19 hiatus.

“On behalf of all Certa Services employees, we are looking forward to attending the matches with our families and working together for a successful and productive 2020/2021 season”, said Dan.

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