Our Chairman writes about a potential new development!


Hello to our incredible supporters and sponsors.

A rare note from me but I thought I’d emerge from the shadows regarding an important potential development.

Firstly, it’s been a strange but exciting few weeks where home games were initially scarce followed by a trio of back-to-back home fixtures. In these past weeks we have yet again seen the very best of our club as we said farewell to Seth and enjoyed Darien’s debut and we’ve since welcomed back Taylor and felt pride in Hakeem’s international call-up. Wonderful.

This weekend’s home game, which is sponsored by Lennons Solicitors, is against our good friends from Derby Trailblazers. I look forward to welcoming their excellent organisation to the StormDome.

Looking ahead, the key reason for my scribe is that I want to address the “elephant in our room” and that’s the often asked question around the lack of a Hemel Storm junior section and teams that could play in national or local league competition.

As a club, I think we should all be proud that we are seen as a leading basketball organisation delivering excellence in how we present ourselves, manage our business as well as developing our current basketball programmes.

However, can we any longer avoid the “but” and the inevitable follow-on of “it’s a shame Hemel Storm do not have a junior section”? I am also very conscious that we are significantly behind our peer group in this respect but I would argue strongly that our focus of optimising our senior teams’ success, whilst embedding the broad fundamentals of a sustainable business, is an equally solid strategy from which to grow our club further.

As a club our incredible recent momentum is responsible for creating junior player interest in all corners across of our community. Almost on a daily basis, via our camps and academy coaching, we are stimulating further appetite for basketball development. This has translated into the exponential growth of young people attending our home games creating a great family orientated spectacle.

I am therefore very aware that we are responsible for creating this local demand for junior opportunities and having done so we now have an obligation, perhaps even a duty, to consider how we could develop and provide a pathway for our local basketball talent.

The challenge is how do we resource any new junior section of our club without (and it’s a blunt requirement) draining the overstretched finance and remarkable voluntary resource from other areas of Hemel Storm? That means, for this evolution to happen, we would need additional sponsorship or funding streams, more coaches, extra facilities and more volunteers with the right skills to run what would be a standalone operation but part of the current management structure of the club.

So, at this stage we’ve created an e-mail address for anybody to send their early thoughts and interest via a “call to arms” for us all to stress test what is possible. After that, I plan a wider meeting with those who could help create this venture, which could begin later this year if it could be properly resourced.

We’d love to hear from you via admin@stormbasketball.net if:

  1. You could help sponsor this specific area.
  2. If you are a parent/carer of a current junior basketball player who is excited by this development.
  3. If you are a coach who could help or somebody who would enjoy becoming a coach.
  4. You have skills in finance, marketing, welfare, operations, sports club committees etc.

Let’s see what is possible by working together in our unique Hemel Storm way.

Finally, don’t forget to call by the Lennons Solicitors stall on Saturday to enter the competition to win a basketball signed by the team. See you soon at the StormDome!




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